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Monday, January 26, 2015

Fasco Tamper Evident Paper Envelopes with signable & Stampable seels.

Tamper Proof!



Enhanced Security!

  • Stampable
  • Signable
  • Can be customized for large requirements
  • Varied colours and special hidden texts in seals
  • Additional levels of security possible
  • Paper envelopes for lower cost


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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fasco Tamper evident envelopes with matt seals!

 Tamper evident envelopes with matt seals that can be stamped and signed upon! Non-Tearable!

Sealing side of envelope

Address Side of the envelope

        Sealed envelope with rubber stamp and signature!

Attempted to be opened.

The flap has been peeled off exhibiting VOID OPEN and exhibiting tampering.

The side seam also when opened exhibits tamper evidence.

On resealing tamper evidence is still evident.

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fasco Sticky Corners/Sticky Spots

Sticky Corners

Pre-cut self adhesive squares can make any product self adhesive in seconds! They are carrier of free pressure sensitive adhesive that can be transferred to any surface by simple thumb pressure. Can be used; for mounting pictures, art, craft, hobbies, fixing name/business cards to gifts, flowers decoration, decorations, visitor books at trade events, etc. all this without use of any staple pins or tapes.

A sheet of sticky corners

The squares can be lifted lightly from the sheet of release paper for placing on the object to be made self adhesive.

The square is placed on the object, in this case we demonstrate a business card. The square or sticky corner is placed on the backside of a business card and thumb pressure is applied to transfer the glue/pressure sensitive adhesive to the business card converting it to be a sticker. There is no tissue or filmic carrier, just the free floating adhesive is transferred

The release paper from the square is now removed to expose the adhesive and the business card is ready to be pasted anywhere. The business card can be replaced by a flower, a gem, a stone, a ribbon or any decoration!

Peel off the release paper and turn around the business card and paste it where ever you need to fix it. This could be in a visitor book as shown. Unlike in the case a stapler is used where  the card can not be put in the middle of the visitor book, in this case you can fix it anywhere. They cards are stored in the visitor book in an orderly manner

You can fix business card on a gift as shown! With no pins or tapes showing and easy to fix.

Transfer adhesive products can be supplied in different profiles. They are available also as tapes branded by us, "Stiffy" ...make stickers in a jiffy!

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Pressure sensitive Materials-Tamper Evident Labels-A4 Labels-Specialty tapes


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tamper Evident Security Envelopes

Tamper Evident Security Envelopes
Front side of envelope

Back side with "peel n seal" flap open         
Sealed Envelope

As you try to open "VOID-OPEN" appears 
When flap is fully opened     

When the seam is also opened




The Tampering is EVIDENT!!!
Available in paper, filmic and non-tearable substrates substrates.

Weldon Celloplast Limited  304, 3rd Floor, 9/2 East Patel Nagar, New Delhi-110008 India
Tel.: +91 11 25740089 email: info@weldoncelloplast.com website: www.weldoncelloplast.com

Pressure sensitive Materials-Tamper Evident Labels-A4 Labels-Specialty tapes

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tamper Evident Security Labels/Seals/Tapes: VOID series

Pilferage, Brand security, and Anti-counterfeiting are issues that cannot be overlooked by Brand owners. Not only valuable sale and profits, that were to accrue thereof, are lost but damage is also done to the brand by way of pilferage in transit or by spurious and substandard products being sold to customers who feel they are buying a genuine product.

We provide solutions in form of tamper evident self adhesive labels, seals and tapes. We can also customize these to your needs. The hidden text in the labels, "VOID OPENED" can be replaced with text, emblem or a brand. Some of the options are displayed as hereunder, however since security is very unique for each customer, it is advisable that customers discuss their needs and applications with us to produce the right kind of solution.
Tampvoid: Single layered VOID stock. the filmic coloured seal is applied to protect the package from being opened. When someone attempts to remove the label, the words, "VOID OPENED" are displayed in the part of the film that has been removed both in the film and on the coloured layer left on the package. These labels are available in a variety of colours like Red, Blue, white, Yellow, etc. The labels are offered in both BOPP and PET substrates.
Multil: Multi-layered partially destructible Void labels. These labels are uniquely designed. The first top layer opens like the Tampvoid described above but instead of the ink layer left on the package it is a paper layer left behind on which the void is displayed as also in the filmic layer peeled off. Now the paper layer left behind is destructible. On attempted to be removed the paper layer destructs in small pieces. These security labels will work even on paper envelopes and paper based packagings.


Clear transparent VOID Labels. There is an imperative need in certain applications where the label should not hide the text below which maybe a statutory barcode of for aesthetic reasons. For these applications we offer our cleartamp. The product though works like our Tampvoid but looks like a clear tape when applied. However when removed, it displays VOID OPENED in the adhesive layer on the film and on the layer left behind on the package.

Dual colour Tampvoid: This is adding another level of security to our Tampvoid described above. Here when the label is peeled off, while it displays the text VOID OPENED, it also changes colour. as shown in the picture on the left. Adding to the security further and offering multiple levels of security, these dual colour labels can also be made in multilayered constructions.

MattTamp: Some of the high security documents need to be sealed signed and stamped for complete security. With this need in mind,we developed the MattTamp. It is a self adhesive Tamper evident label that you can write upon and put a rubber stamp on it.


It is also a multilayered construction that exhibits the text VOID OPENED on removal.

The residual paper layer left on the envelope or the package is destructible.

Any tape tried to be pasted on the matt surface is visible as it shines.

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Fasco A4 Inkjet/Laser Labels

A4 Laser/Inkjet Labels


Layflat -High-tack adhesive-Non-jamming-Non-curling-Economical

You need to use a product designed by a specialist. Simply die-cutting Labelstock/Sticker paper outsourced from a supplier does not make one a specialist label producer.

It takes a lot more… At Weldon we have indulged and thoughtfully designed the label stock to address all the above said problems. We are innovative manufacturers of self adhesive Label-stocks/Sticker paper in India. Starting from producing our own release papers, applying special adhesive, laminating to perfection and converting to make the best labels, is all done by us in-house. We use the same paper to perform as release paper and face paper. This ensures same moisture levels and similar dimensional stability achieving exceptional flatness. Use the label and decide yourself if it really comes from a specialist!

K D Sahni
Head, Marketing-Stationery Division
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Friday, April 8, 2011

ZIRCON TECHNOLOGIES INDIA Signs LOI for 3 Additional ROTOCONTROL Finishing Machines

Letter of Intent signed after successful installation and training of their first ROTOCONTROL machine

Ahrensburg, Germany (April 12, 2011) - Ralph Beier, ROTOCONTROL International Sales Manager, today announced the receipt of a Letter of Intent signed by Zircon Technologies India for the purchase of 3 additional ROTOCONTROL Slitter/Rewinders, following the successful installation of their first RSC Finishing Machine. On-site providing the installation and training of the RSC machine was Manohar Dhugga, ROTOCONTROL Field Applications Engineering Manager and Pawandeep Sahni, Director Marketing, Weldon Celloplast Limited, the local agent for ROTOCONTROL in India.

Featured in photo from left holding the Letter of Intent: Ms. Archana Gurung (Zircon), Mr. Sanjeev Sondhi, (Zircon), Mr. Manohar Dhugga, (ROTOCONTROL), Mr. Pawandeep Sahni, (Weldon Celloplast Limited)
Mr. Sanjeev, Zircon Managing Director, and his team expressed great satisfaction with their first ROTOCONTROL RSC Slitter/Rewinder machine, specifically with the Advanced Missing Label Detection system which records events individually per lane. After observing the machine performing and positioning the missing label at 300m/min consistently and accurately, without comprising the slitting accuracy, Mr. Sanjeev stated: "ROTOCONTROL will be our finishing partner from now on."

With three focused business segments, Zircon's range of products include Brand Packaging Labels, Data-capturing through Barcodes & RFID, and protecting documents & brands with innovative Anti-counterfeiting Solutions. Headquartered in New Delhi, Zircon also operates plants in Noida, Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

For more details Contact:

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